Date: Tuesday, April 6th, 2021
Bible verses: PROV.13:4;12:24;21:5, GAL.6:9, JAMES 1:12, ECCLES.9:10, PHIL.3:4, 1PET.1:5-7, COL.3:2
  1. Prayers
    i. Lord, You are so good, You are so beautiful, You are so awesome and big, in Jesus’ name.

    ii. Lord, I remember Your love and goodness in the last three months, thank You, in Jesus’ name.

    iii. Lord, thank You for this month of April, it is pregnant with divine opportunities, in Jesus ‘name.

    iv. Father, have mercy upon every carelessness and laziness, help me to make amends, in Jesus ‘name.

    v. Father, thank You for all the gifts and talents You have endowed me with, let me use them purposefully to serve You and to accomplish my divine mandate, in Jesus’ name.

    vi. Father, cleanse me from every filthiness of the spirit so that when You come I will hear ‘’well done, thou good and faithful servant’’, in Jesus’ name.

    vii. Father, I receive a clearer vision, a pure intention, healthier relationships, in Jesus’ name.

    viii. I declare that my life reflects God’s glory, my life is in sync with the perfect will of God, in Jesus ‘name.

    ix. I declare that I have unlimited access to the gifts of the Spirit, I make a difference in this world, divine acceleration will catapult me into greatness, in Jesus’ name.

    x. O Lord, by Your blood, empower me to e faithful in all You have committed into my hands, so that I will be given bigger things to do, in the mighty name of Jesus.

    xi. O Lord, help me to be fully occupied with the business of Your kingdom, until You come, in Jesus ‘name.

    xii. I shake off every dust of the last days that want to pollute my spirit man, in Jesus’ name.

    xiii. Every spirit of heaviness oppressing my prayer life, bible study life, my fasting life, my service to God, be lifted, in Jesus’ name.

  2. xiv. Every ungodly desire in my heart, be destroyed, let the fire of God consumes every spirit of procrastination and laziness, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    xv. My spirit man come out of every grave, in Jesus’ name.

    xvi. Holy Spirit, baptize me with fresh fire, fresh anointing as I partake of the communion, in Jesus ‘name.

    xvii. Anything in my life that the spirit of God has not planted, be uprooted, in Jesus’ name.

    xviii. Father, make WWP an instrument of signs and wonders, in Jesus’ name.

    xix. Clothe Nigeria with diligence and people with integrity, in Jesus’ name.

    xx. Thank You Jesus for answering my prayers.

    Take Home Scriptures: PROV.6:6-8;14-23, 2COR.8:7, ROM.12:2, COL.3:23, 2PET.1:10

    Vision: causing a revival by raising a generation of praying women who are intercessors in their spheres of life.

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