Date: Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
Bible verses: PSALMS 8:1-8, DAN.5:12-14;6:3, COL.3:23, TITUS 2:7, 2COR.8:9, PHIL.1:9-10, PROV.22:29, ECCLE.9:10
  1. Prayers
    i. O Lord, my God, how excellent is thy name in all the earth, You are beautiful in all situations, You are powerful and sovereign, I worship You, in Jesus’ name.

    ii. Father, You are the One that speaks and does not fail, You make no mistake, in Jesus’ name.

    iii. Father, I thank You for answering our prayers, thank You for bringing me into the 4th month of 2020, the month of blossoming, everything about me must blossom, in Jesus’ name.

    iv. Father, forgive me for anything that might have put a gap between me and You, in Jesus’ name.

    v. Lord, draw me close to You and guide me day and night, in Jesus’ name.

    vi. Father, make me Your preferred candidate as I align with Your Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

    vii. Father, I declare that my identity is in You, therefore, I receive the anointing for supernatural lifting, in Jesus’ name.

    viii. Every pollution, every bad character preventing excellence in my life be flushed out, in Jesus’ name.

    ix. As I take the communion, thou power for divine excellence falls on me, in Jesus’ name.

    x. I declare that I am getting better and going higher in Christ, in Jesus’ name.

    xi. As I drink the blood of Jesus today let all negative materials circulating in my bloodstream be evacuated, my body, you will not cooperate with any virus, in Jesus’ name.

    xii. As I partake of the communion today, I declare that I am exempted from every evil, in Jesus’ name.

    xiii. Let every satanic attack this April against my life be converted to victory, in Jesus’ name.

    xiv. The month of April, I welcome you. I decree that you will do me good and not evil. Therefore, I cover every second, minute, hour, day, week of April with the blood of Jesus.

    xv. I speak into this April, things will begin to take shape, let the pandemic cease, in Jesus’ name.

    xvi. I break down the power of errors & mistakes contending against me from my foundation, in Jesus’ name.

    xvii. Father, thank You for WWP is breeding end time ministers, in Jesus’ name.

    xviii. Father save our nation, Nigeria from coronavirus, in Jesus’ name.

    xix. Thank the Lord for divine excellence.
  2. Benediction and closing

    Take Home Scriptures: 1PET.2:9, EPH.6:7-8, MATT.5:14-16, 2PET.1:5, PROV.12:4

    Vision: causing a revival by raising a generation of praying women who are intercessors in their spheres of life.

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