We welcome you to our website. When Women Pray (WWP) – Nigeria is an Interdenominational Christian Fellowship for women where Saved, Spirit-filled, Virtuous Women gather to fulfill God’s Purpose, Plan & Will this end time! This women’s prayer ministry came into being in 2010 as a result of a revelation from God. One afternoon when I was praying I had just moved from PortHarcourt to Lagos on transfer and I asked the Lord to direct me to a place where I could pray with other women and he asked me to start a women’s prayer meeting in my house.

The ministry kicked off in Lagos in February 2010. We started with eight women until we grew to about thirty women. When the Lord asked me to move to Abuja in August 2010, I thought that He had finished with me regarding setting up a women’s prayer meeting, so I relaxed to have a nice summer holiday. During that summer I had a phone conversation with a woman in PortHarcourt and God spoke to me through her saying, “There is a woman whose marriage is in trouble and she is waiting for you to start”.

These words haunted me until I called up a couple of friends I had in the city to come over to my house to pray for their families. Those friends showed up with a few of their friends and in all we were eight women who gathered at our inaugural meeting on Tuesday 24th, August 2010 in Abuja; including “the woman whose marriage was in trouble and waiting for me to start”. She eventually gave her life to Christ and has never looked back since then, and her marriage survived the strain to the glory of Jesus; nothing has given me more joy since I obeyed God’s call to this enormous assignment to the women of my generation.

Eight of us prayed various prayers and made requests to the Lord in my living room; to the glory of God all our prayers that first day have been answered and my sitting room has since become too small for the number of women who attend weekly. The ministry has since moved out to a more spacious accommodation.

Over the past years the prayer meeting, When Women Pray Abuja, has grown in numerical strength to over 1000 women weekly and branches are fast spreading in other states in Nigeria and beyond.

Spiritually we as a body are going from glory to glory and we are greatly awed each week by the testimonies of the mighty miracles God is working in our midst. Most humbling is the fact that God is using the simple prayers of ordinary women like us from all spheres of life to do extraordinary things in our individual lives, families, finances, careers and the society in general.

These simple faith-filled prayers that we have prayed through the years and have availed much on our behalf in different areas of our lives are the same effective and strategic prayers I have put together in our first prayer booklet, titled “When Women Pray, Prayer Book”, and also we post them on our website and facebook page every week so that you also can pray with complete belief in God, and I can assure you that the positive results will be evident in your life in no time at all.

Since we started praying these prayers, those who were blind now see, marriages have been contracted, broken homes restored, financial breakthroughs, fruits of the womb, those in prison have been freed, those who were lost and lacked direction have come to the saving knowledge of Christ and confident self-realization. My sincere prayer is that you may receive all these and many more as you pray these prayers in Jesus name. Only believe!

I look forward to seeing you in one of our meetings soon, testifying to the goodness of God and the efficacy of the prayers.

God bless you all now and always.


Pastor (Mrs) Opuaya Agha, President – WWP Int’l Ministry.

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