May 2021 Newsletter

It Is Time to Soar

O Wow!!!


April has come to an end and May is beginning today! All glory and honour be unto our God!
The Lord has shown me mercy!

I welcome you to a brand new month, the 5th month in the year 2021! The month of grace, the month of children! Hallelujah!

O Lord, thank You for keeping me for the last four months, thank You keeping me till now, many have left this earth unexpectedly but You have been gracious to keep me alive, in good health, thank You for the many blessings You have bestowed on my life, you have provided me with more than I could ever imagine.

Thank You so much for keeping me safe, You kept me from those things that seem to haunt others, I’m eternally grateful! Thank You for always directing me and making me make the right decisions!

Thank You for keeping my loved ones safe and sound, I worship You, in the mighty name of Jesus!

My Father, have mercy upon me for all the times I was ungrateful, for all the times I forgot the good things You did for me, for all the times I was impatient with You, for all the times I didn’t believe, all the times I feared, forgive me for every sin, every iniquity and every error, please take away the consequences, in the mighty name of Jesus!

As I step into the 5th month, I decree it’s a new atmosphere for me, a new season is dawning in my life, it’s dawning for my marriage, my relationships, my children, my ministry, for my family, for my finances, for Nigeria, in the mighty name of Jesus!

This May, I declare freshness in every area of my life, my zeal is refreshed, I receive new excitement, I anticipate great things, I cover the 31days with the precious blood of Jesus, I will not die or sorrow, every obstructions and obstacle is broken, in the mighty name of Jesus!

O Lord, place a fresh anionting upon me to take territories, let this anointing dispossess the devil of all my blessings, let all my enemies run away because of God in me, let mind blowing testimonies meet me on the way as I walk through this month, every devourer and waster of fortune, I command you to loose your hold over me, in the mighty name of Jesus!

May shall be a month of miraculous recovery for me, I will enjoy the ministry of angels, every circle of failure is broken, men will go out of their way to favour me, Lord, cause me to be spiritually and mentally alert, I receive financial revival, let those that want to defraud or cheat me be put to shame and confusion, in the mighty name of Jesus!

This May, Nigeria shall be free from satanic attacks, wicked and unreasonable men, sabotage, O Lord reverse all evil arrangements, silence those that boast, put confusion in satanic meetings, cause every satanic agents assigned to bring mayhem, assigned to slow down development in this nation, to be frustrated, in the mighty name of Jesus!

This month, our children are set free from every struggle, reproach, stagnation, shame, rejection, hardship, setbacks, bondages, dysfunctional behaviours, in the mighty name of Jesus!

We will experience new joy, new hope, new peace, new opportunities, new paradigm shift, new mantles, new encounters, new levels of commitment, new friendships, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Thank You Lord for bringing to pass every declaration, I believe that I have received them, it is done, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Happy New Month!

Welcome to the 5th month of 2021!

Welcome to month of May!

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