Bible verses: EPH.5:23,25,33, 1PETER 3:7, PHILP.4:19, 1TIM.5:8;3:5, PROV.31:23, GEN.2:20-24

i. Everlasting Father, the Omnipotent God, Unchangeable Changer, I adore, in Jesus’ name.

ii. Father, I have come to You with a heart of faith and belief, thank You for being my God in Jesus‘ name.

iii. Father, forgive me for anything that will make communication with You difficult, in Jesus’ name.

iv. Father, forgive my husband for anything he might have done to close his heaven in Jesus ‘name.

v. Lord, have Your way in my marriage and in the life of my husband and my children in Jesus ‘name.

vi. Lord, I renounce any other power that might have dominated my marriage till now in Jesus ‘name.

vii. I receive total liberty from every embarrassing situation in my marriage, in Jesus’ name.

viii. Lord, let my husband take his position spiritually, let him take his position as the head of our family, as the priest of our home, father of our children, the financial provider, and let him take his position in the society, in the name of Jesus.

ix. My husband will not suffer from any satanic intimidation and harassment, in Jesus’ name.

x. Lord, I commit my husband into Your mighty hands, let him take responsibility, seek for forgiveness when he is wrong, let him respect authority, let him take care of his home sacrificially, let him be fully motivated to do his divine mandate as a dad, in Jesus’ name.

xi. I rebuke any vagabond spirit sent to distort the destiny of my husband, in Jesus’ name.

xii. I declare that my husband will not be misjudged, stigmatized, falsely accused, ignored in Jesus’ name.

xiii. Lord, raise a voice in the right place for my husband, sound his name in the hearts of his destiny helpers, in the mighty name of Jesus.

xiv. I plead the blood of Jesus over my husband’s destiny, he will never lose his position in Jesus‘ name.

xv. My children will not bring me disgrace, help me to bring them up in the right way in Jesus‘ name.

xvi. Lord, let my husband’s life be proof that You still do miracles, in Jesus’ precious name.

xvii. Lord, deliver my husband from profitless labor and confused activities, in Jesus’ name.

xviii. My husband receives the courage to step into greatness, move forward, in Jesus’ name.

xix. Let there be an announcement of my husband’s season of success and promotion in Jesus‘ name.

xx. I bind every spirit that tries to frustrate or hinder my husband from entering his place in Jesus’ name.

xxi. Lord, let every husband in WWP prosper powerfully, in Jesus’ name.

xxii. Thank You Lord for answered prayers.

Take Home Scriptures: 1COR.7:2-5, PROV.12:4, COL. 3:18, 1COR.13:4-8, 1SAM.25


  1. I just discovered these prayer points and they were the right prayers I wanted to pray but just couldn’t find the right words to put into it.
    Thank you Lord Jesus because I know that my coming across these powerful prayer points is not by accident.
    Father I know and I believe that you will perfect your work in my husband’s life and in my family.
    My family shall not be put to shame. Affliction shall not rise a second time. Amen.

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