Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016
Bible verses: IPETER 3:1-6, 1SAM.12:23, MARK 11:24-25, EPHE.5:15-17, JOSHUA 6:25, PHILP.4:6
  1. Opening Prayer; Praise and Worship
  2. Praise Reports (testimonies)
  3. Exhortation
  4. Prayers
    i. The God of Heaven and Earth, the mighty Man in battle, the Giver of all good gifts, Author of marriage, the Giver of prosperity, I bless Your Holy Name, in Jesus’ name.

    ii. Lord, forgive my indifference, my lukewarmness towards my husband’s property, and for all the wrong words I’ve used on my husband, in Jesus’ name.

    iii. Today, I forgive him for all the wrongs he has done against me and I pray that he will forgive me too; I ask that You cleanse my heart of all bitterness towards him or anyone.

    iv. I repent of every evil I’ve done knowingly or unknowingly to truncate my husband’s progress and I bring myself under the rule and dominion of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

    v. Father, I pray that my husband will prosper spiritually, therefore, let him discover and live his God-given purpose on planet earth, in Jesus’ name.

    vi. Lord, I pray that You will bless the works of my husband’s hands, may his labor bring success, prosperity, favor, and fulfillment, in Jesus’ name.

    vii. I come against any form of sickness in his spirit, soul, and body, I cancel any form of access he might have given the devil through any sin, I dedicate his body as Your temple, Lord.

    viii. Lord, I release my marriage to You, let Your power reign in it, and I frustrate the plan of the evil one over my marital destiny, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    ix. I come against any form of laziness and selfishness that may impede his growth, in Jesus’ name.

    x. I destroy any pride that will cost him failure in every facet of his life, in Jesus’ name.

    xi. I destroy every recurring evil in his father’s house and among his siblings, I decree that it won’t affect our children, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    xii. Lord, let my husband be the head of our family indeed and a good father to our children.

    xiii. Lord, let every husband of WWP International proper mightily, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    xiv. Father, we pray for peace in Nigeria, let there be calmness in every area, in Jesus’ name.

    xv. Thank the Lord for answered prayers.
  5. Benediction and closing Take Home Scriptures: EZE.34:26, NUM.6:24, JER.29:11, 1COR.13:13, 1COR.10:31

    VISION: causing a revival by raising a generation of praying women who are intercessors in
    their sphere of contact

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