God has been awesome to me and all that pertains to me. My mother told me a few months ago about a lump in her breast and how she wasn’t sure yet if it was benign or malignant until her next hospital appointment which was scheduled a week later.

I went to God in prayer based on His promises and the potent words of healing on our prayer altar by Pastor. I specifically keyed in to the prayer that Pastor Uche always prays for us that cancer will never ravage our bodies….not now, not in the future.

I held on to these prayers and told God that I wanted the lump to disappear-never to be seen or felt again. To God be the glory, the lump disappeared before the next hospital appointment.

I am grateful to this God. I do not take His mercies, grace and faithfulness over me and mine for granted.

O.O WWP Lekki Chapter

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