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I JOHN 4:5, ROM 5:5, I JOHN 4:1-20, ACTS 20:35, ROM 5:8, 1 COR.13

Father, you mean so much to me.; and I love You with all of my heart, in Jesus’ name.

Father Lord, thank you so much for Your unfailing love, in Jesus’ name .

Heavenly Father, forgive all my wicked acts that doesn’t show love, in Jesus’ name.

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John 4:23-24; Acts 17:24-25; James 4:8; Psalm 29:1; 99:5; 95:6

Father, I worship, honour, praise, extol and exalt You, for You alone are worthy, in Jesus’ name.

O worship the King, all glorious above; He is our shield and defender, in Jesus’ name.

My Father, as I worship You today, may I begin to resemble You in Jesus’ name.

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When Women Pray Nigeria, Worship the King – Series 1.0 on Tuesday was indeed an awesome time in the presence of God. We were all blessed.

Could you share with other women how your life was touched during and after the fellowship that Tuesday? Please we would love you to post your comments and encourage other women.

Thank You. God bless you!



PHIL. 4:6, 1 TIM. 2:1-4, EPHESIANS 5:20, JONAH 2:9-10.

Father, I will enter Your gates with thanksgiving in my heart and Your courts with praise, in Jesus’ name.

My Lord, for what You have done and will do I praise Your holy name, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I’m grateful for the month of February and for the month of March. I worship You in Jesus’ name.

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DEUT. 10:17; PSALM 68, 35; ISAIAH 40:29; JEREMIAH 32:17; EPHESIANS 3:20

My God is an awesome God and He is the Almighty God who reigns forever, in Jesus’ name.

Thank You heavenly Father for another opportunity to know You more, in Jesus’ name.

Father, for every time I didn’t realize who You truly are, have mercy, in Jesus’ name.

Father, let God be magnified in every area of my life, in Jesus’ name.

Father because You are Almighty, all satanic harassment and intimidations have no effect on me, in Jesus’ name.

O Lord, I’m amazed by Your glory and I’m embraced by Your mercy, I live to worship You, in Jesus’ name.

Father, I come against every power that expands problems and destroys faith, in Jesus’ name.

Almighty God, demonstrate Your power in my life, in Jesus’ name.

Father by Your great power take away every pain, bitterness, burden, delay from my life, in Jesus’ name.

Father, let my life be a reflection of Your grace and power, in Jesus’ name.

I command every agent of frustration to loose it’s hold over my life now, in Jesus’ name.

Let God arise and let every gang up against my life and family be scattered, in Jesus’ name.

Father by Your mercies, I receive restoration of what I lost through unbelief, in Jesus’ name.

I reject every leadership in Nigeria that will lead to wrong roads, appear to them in Your awesomeness, in Jesus’ name.

Let the power to mount up with wings as the eagle fall upon WWP, in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Lord for Your awesomeness in my life, in Jesus’ name.