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Matthew 24:35, Deuteronomy 29:29, PSALM 25:14, JEREMIAH 1:12; 23:29, EPHESIANS 2:14

The secret things can only be revealed to those that stay with the Word. Find your own Word and stay with it. What you say is what you manifest (Ephesians 1:17-18). Find a Word for the assignment God gave you and begin to work with it. God can use anybody but will not work with everybody. Our spiritual buoyancy determines our level with God. Every role you find yourself in life is an assignment from God. Our understanding is fallible but God’s Word is infallible. Know your place and stand there. When you find

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Habakuk 3:16-19; Matthew 16:21-27; Luke 8:43-47; Galatians 6:9; Mark 5:24-28; Isaiah 40:28, 31; Job 14:7; Revelations 3:16

If you are bold enough to ask, God will keep doing it. Press on means inspite of what you see or feel, you keep going on. One thing is constant and that is to press on. People that are desperate for God and know God for themselves are those that will press on. Get busy but put your eyes on God.

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PSALM 42:5, EPHESIANS 6:13, JAMES 1:23-25, 1THESSALONIANS 5:16-18, DAN. 6:10

After I have prayed, what next? Numbers 14:28Deuteronomy 7:17.

God will do the very thing you have said but your thoughts must align with your words. So after you have prayed, Think! Proverbs 23:7Proverbs 16:3. And think positively. What is in your thoughts after you have prayed? Note that God does not answer to speech only, He also answers thoughts…for He is able to do much more than you think or imagine.

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WHEN WOMEN PRAY October 1st Breakfast Meeting
God is more than able to accomplish what concerns me.


Prayer is man giving God the legal ground to intervene in the affairs of man. It is exercising kingdom authority on earth. It is the practice of the presence of God. It is a place of our admitting our needs before God. It draws us closer to God. It is where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted and supplication is made. Nehemiah 1:4-6Matthew 5:1-7Matthew 26:36-42Numbers 23:24. It is where we pull successes from the spiritual realm into our day. God operates in the night. Genesis 1:1-endMatthew 14:22Job 38:22Exodus 12:28-30Judges 16:1-3Acts 16:16-26.

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It is time for us to manifest the fruits of Spirit. The fruits of the Spirit will take us to heaven.
These fruits are:

LOVE: is a powerful weapon that never fails. love is everything. love accommodates. love bears all things. love goes the extra mile.

JOY: God want us to be joyful at all times and in the midst of chaos.

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