4.Lord, for all my wasted years, my past life of mistakes, have mercy upon me and make my crooked path straight, give me fresh vision for my life, in Jesus name

5.Holy Spirit, help me crucify my flesh & purify my choices with Your Word, in Jesus name

6.I establish a solid control on the door of my mind, in Jesus name

7.O Lord, break every idol in my heart that has refused to let me serve You, in Jesus name

8.Lord, let my ears be open to hear and obey You at all times and give me a heart that understands Your ways, in Jesus mighty name

9.I refuse to follow the evil pattern of past failures in my family, in Jesus mighty name

10.Father, like Sheerah, use me to build destinies and to leave a legacy on planet earth

11.Like Lydia, I refused to be removed from my divine agenda or be limited, in Jesus name

12.Father, in the name of Jesus, scatter and destroy every hindering spirit affecting me

13.Lord, I yield my heart, my mind, my soul, my intellect, my will and wealth to You, in Jesus

14.l declare that I will hit my target, be celebrated, in my lifetime and beyond, in Jesus name

15.Every power assigned to deter me from my divine goal, be thwarted, in Jesus name

16.Lord, let my riches and wealth be used for the propagation of the gospel on earth

17.Every power diverting my blessings and reinforcing disappointments, be frustrated

18.Every member of  WWP International become a change agent and fulfil your calling

19.Father, I pray for lasting peace in this nation, Nigeria, let every architect of chaos and confusion be relocated, in Jesus name

20.Thank the Lord for answered prayers                                                                                                                                       

Take Home Scriptures: GEN.28:15, ACTS 10:1-2, PROV.14:1;9:10, 2SAM.20:16-22

 VISION: causing a revival by raising a generation of praying women who are intercessors in their sphere of contact