My Father, today, I choose to forgive everyone that might have hurt me in the past.

Everlasting Father, I choose to praise and worship You even without any reason.

Lord, I remember the goodness of Jesus and all You have done for me; thank You Lord.

Father, for my short memory, forgive me in Jesus’ Name.

This month of February, You shall be a blessing to me and my family, in Jesus’ Name.

The evil that has been for the month of February will neither find me nor my family members, in Jesus’ Name.

Lord, help me to keep my eyes on You at all times, for You are my life, my joy and my purpose.

I come against every small-mindedness and limited thinking in me, in Jesus’ Name.

Holy Spirit, help me to follow the path that is mine alone; I reject every form of confusion.

February, begin to yield your increase, in Jesus’ Mighty name.

Let the cloud blocking the sunlight of my glory and breakthrough, be dispersed in Jesus’ Name.

Every seed of corruption planted in Nigeria, be uprooted, in Jesus’ Name.

WWP, hear the Word of the Lord: produce good fruits that will last, in Jesus’ Name.

Thank the Lord for his mercies, in Jesus’ Name.

Pray for the life of someone.