Thank You Lord, for all the trials I have gone through already, for teaching me what to do.

Lord, thank You for the good things I have seen so far; for the things You are yet to do.

Jehovah-Rapha, thank You for my health and every organ of my body, in Jesus’ Name.

Jehovah-Nissi, unlock all my locked up blessings, in Jesus’ Name.

I command all the words contrary to God’s Word spoken against me to bear no fruit.

O Lord, let the foothold of the enemy in my life be destroyed completely, in Jesus’ Name.

I close all the doors open to the enemies in my life, with the blood of Jesus.

I refuse to offer unacceptable thanks, I refuse to ask in contrast to God’s will, in Jesus’ Name

Every evil authority backing up my enemies, be withdrawn, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, thank You for Nigeria, in Jesus’ Name.

O Lord, we appreciate You for WWP, in Jesus’ Name.

Thank the Lord for victories, testimonies, miracles and answered prayers, in Jesus’ Name.