Father thank YOU for bringing me to the beginning of the last month of 2012 In JESUS Name.

Let every evil pattern of satanic discipline in my life be terminated in JESUS Name.

This month every agent assigned to frustrate me perish in JESUS Name.

Every stubbornness and disobedience emanating from my foundation Die in JESUS Name.

Spirit of the Living GOD quicken the whole of my being in JESUS Name.

Any power given the mandate to curse and hinder my progress be nullified in JESUS Name.

Oh Lord, librate my spirit to follow the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT in JESUS Name.

Father, clean away from my life all that does not reflect You, in JESUS Name.

I destroy with the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT every satanic garment in my life, in JESUS Name.

O Lord, I revoke every anti-breakthrough decrees in JESUS Name.

Every power tormenting Nigeria, die by the sword in JESUS Name.

I rebuke every spirit, power, and personality working against the elevation of WWP in JESUS Name.

Thank GOD for answers.