Date: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
Bible verses: 1CHRON.16:23-31, EXO.20:2-6, JOHN 4:21-24, PS.99, DEUT.29:18, ROM.12:1-2

i. The great and mighty One, reliable and unchanging, creator of heavenly beings and all creatures, gracious and glorious, my creator, the One who delivers completely, I bless Your holy name, in the precious name of Jesus.

ii. My Father, the Creator of the universe, please forgive me for limiting You by not worshipping and magnifying You as I ought and for grumbling and complaining, in Jesus’ name.

iii. Lord, thank You for all You do for me and my family at all times, thank You for saving us from fearful, stormy, troubled, and distressful situations, in Jesus’ name.

iv. As I worship You, may I know You in Your fullness and may I experience the supernatural in Jesus’ name.

v. Lord, thank You for bringing me into a new month, the third month of 2020, the month of favor, the month of March shall be glorious, in the mighty name of Jesus.

vi. Father, as I magnify You and take the communion, let every dark atmosphere be terminated NOW, in Jesus’ name.

vii. Holy Spirit, help me to worship the Father as I ought, in Jesus’ name.

viii. As I worship You, my Lord, my voice shall be heard in the heavens and the voices of my enemies rendered powerless, in the mighty name of Jesus.

ix. O sun arise and declare the glory of the Lord; rise in your strength and power and uproot every evil tree that my Father has not planted, in Jesus’ name.

x. Holy Spirit, purify my heart and make it always in awe of the Father, in Jesus’ name.

xi. I revoke and negate every death wish, verdict, and sentence of death over my life in Jesus’ name.

xii. Lord, let there be divine order in every area of my life now, in Jesus’ name.

xiii. I declare to the atmosphere that the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, above it and below it are His, therefore, I possess the gates of my enemy, in Jesus’ name.

xiv. I declare a renewed spirit of worship, praise and thanksgiving to overtake WWP Int’l in Jesus’ name.

xv. Lord, as we lift You up, let the power of God locate and destroy the enemies of Nigeria.

xvi. Thank You Jesus for answering my prayers.

Take Home Scriptures: 1SAM.15:22, REV.4:8-11, IS.29:13, PS.29, HEB.12:28-29, NEH.9:5

Vision: causing a revival by raising a generation of praying women who are intercessors in their spheres of life.

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