I joined WWP last year during WWP Asaba 5th anniversary. I have been waiting on God for 6 years for another baby. I have taken a lot of fertility and organic drugs to no avail. So this year since the lock down I started joining the prayer watches on Whatsapp.

I dedicated my time to prayers and have not taken any medication to get pregnant.

In July my period was delayed but I ignored because of the hormonal issues I was used to having. 5 days later I spotted and I just said I won’t disturb myself about those inconsistencies I was used to.

After a week my 6 year old son would say Mummy there is baby in your tummy. After several times, I reluctantly bought a test strip and behold it was positive. That morning I was shocked because it was unexpected. The irony is my husband came around when I was not even ovulating but our God of No Protocol defied all medical permutation.

Then pains started coming so I was advised to go for scan early this month. On getting there the result was something else – abnormal amniotic sac, empty amniotic sac and was told to repeat scan after a week.

On Tuesday 11th August fellowship, Pst Opi gave a word of knowledge concerning our 10th anniversary gift from God with reference to the book of Daniel that whatever results that was not favourable, we should go back after 10 days and it will turn positive.

Lo and behold, I went back after 10 days which was yesterday. Mummy, see result. Everything positive:

  • Amnotic sac
  • Foetus
  • Visibility
  • Heartbeat

I cannot thank this God enough, indeed God is mighty in this place.

– Rita A. WWP Asaba Chapter

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