I have come to return all the glory to God for His mercy and restoration over my family.

My husband lost his job 10 months ago and then Covid-19 came to slow down the whole process of getting another job. I kept keying into other people’s testimonies believing that God will restore my husband back again and take away shame from my family, I brought my prayer request to the prayer dept and to my pastor. They kept praying for my husband and Pastor told me to keep believing in our God, the miracle worker can never give up. Today, I stand to testify that the God of times and seasons did it for my husband, despite this period when companies are laying off people.

To the glory of God another job offer came for my husband, the whole process was just sharp sharp. He did the 1st and 2nd stages of the interview the same week and that same week he was given his employment letter to resume the following week.

I have come to return the glory to God who clothes my nakedness. God bless WWP Int’l. God bless Pastor Opi.

– Sis OB, WWP Lekki

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