Halleluyah… Glory to God…..my son was diagnosed to have asthma just about when he was a year old and we’ve had to manage him at home and only visit the hospital when its persistent. We’ve had some scary and bad crisis over the years. Fast forward to 2020, at the pandemic break….

On April 18, he started coughing, we had to purchase Augmentin and other antibiotics and they seem not to have any effect.

His breathing was getting difficult with wheezing sounds so loud and it persisted all through that night with just a little relief. By morning of April 21, 2020 he was gasping for breath heavily, moving everywhere restlessly. We weren’t sure where to go due to the fact that the hospitals will think it was a Covid-19 case. We were praying and asking God for directions. Then I saw him walk outside and was passing urine on himself as he was restless and helpless. We quickly rushed him to Ma nearby hospital as the two we’ve used in the past were far from us. Meanwhile, lock down and curfew had been declared in Lagos. On getting there, we were met with high level scrutiny due to his heavy breathing and the fact that they are not registered to attend to Covid-19 cases, apparently they felt it was a Covid-19 case.

Eventually, we got into the facility and made deposits. They started him on treatment and to my horror; he started gasping for breath while on the hospital bed. My son was placed on oxygen. He will be stable for a while and then start dropping even with the oxygen on. This was about 2am midnight and this dragged until about some minutes to 5am. I kept praying and had to call my husband to return immediately. He had returned home to be with our younger children.

Remembering our WWP Lekki morning prayers start at 5am, I sent a prayer request to the telegram group. My husband arrived at the hospital and seeing the tensed situation, honestly fear came in. He called our Pastor and other family members to join faith with us. On arrival at the children’s hospital, the doctor we met quickly asked the nurses to administer a particular nebula higher than the usual dose and our son calmed down immediately and started breathing well.

When I was told to come and pay and knowing we had only 40k left in the account, I became worried and kept asking God to help take away financial embarrassment. I was presented with a bill of N20, 000. Just like that oooo. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The doctor went ahead to say there is no infection. We spent just about 30 minutes there and were on our way home. Our son was very, very okay. I also received calls from my boss who promised to get approval so I could be reimbursed every naira spent in the hospital.

Chai! God is good oooo. Truly, I got reimbursed the total sum of N20, 000 we spent in the hospital about a month later. God came through indeed. Let the glory be His alone.

– Sis P, Lekki Chapter

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