which we did. On getting there they said it was ovarian Cyst. I was operated on and the Doctors asked me to ensure I don't get pregnant the next six (6) months. In 2010 we began to try all to no avail. I went to a doctor who monitored the eggs and then told me the best time of month to meet with my husband, which I complied yet nothing happened. After that I went to DIF hospital and they asked me to do a series of tests but my husband discouraged me saying I should give God more time to act. Towards the end of that same year I went with a friend to another hospital for follicle tracking and the Doctor said the eggs the Ovaries were producing were not viable enough to be fertilized and so he will give me drugs to boost the eggs and that I shd come back when I start the next period. Still my husband discouraged me again saying I should wait for God's time. In 2011, I took in but lost it during Easter resulting to painful evacuations. I came to WWP in August of that same year. I was invited by a sister-in-law and, few months later, Pastor O prayed with me and I gave birth in August of 2012 to d glory of God.   Gloria Eyong, WWP Abuja. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)